Anti Choke Bowl - Flower Design - Excellent Slow Feeder!

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Are you concerned that he/she can choke while eating?

Then, this Anti-Choke Bowl - Flower Design is a MUST HAVE!

Main benefits of the Flower Design:

 1) Unique design promotes Fun while dog is eating.

 2) Dog will eat up to 10x slower and this will prevent regurgitation and choke.

 3) It helps to reduce the excess air intake, improving digestion and risk of bloat.

 4) BPA Free. Food safe plas

 *** This is a limited time promo and limited inventory. We will close this promo REALLY SOON.***

Some Testimonials from our pages:

Gloria (on our Fb Ad): My daughter got one for her dog and he loves it! I want one bc my dog eats too fast.

Claire (on our page on G+): These bowls work great for food gobblers! It slows down the dog eating so they can feel full and entertained at the same time.

Shipping: Due to high demand, it is taking 2 - 4 weeks in the US, UK, and Canada. Other countries 21 - 55 days.

*** Limited to 3 per Person ***

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