How do I know that my order was processed?

We will send you a confirmation email saying that your order was received as soon as payment is processed.

All our payments are secured by Shopify (largest shopping platform of the world) and PayPal (largest electronic payment company of the world).


On average, what is the shipping time?

It is usually 14 days to deliver in the US, Canada and UK. However, to be conservative, we prefer to mention 2 - 4 weeks on all products that we sell, because there are moments of high demand and shipping can be slower than the usual time.

Other countries may take 25 - 55 days. Faster shipping would increase the price by $30 to $40 and wouldn't reduce time by much.

If by any chance, we can't track where the order is, we will definitely refund you.

You can contact us if you notice that your order is getting close to our estimated deadline (4 weeks US, UK and Canada or 55 days other countries) at hellodoglovers@superdoglovers.com and we will track your package and answer to you in less than 24h.


If I buy more than 1 item, do you send everything in 1 package or several packages to be faster?

We will do our best to be fast. Therefore, you may receive more than 1 package from us.


What is your refund policy?

1) We want all of our customers happy and recommending our store to other Super Dog Lovers just like you. 

2) We will definitely refund you if you receive a damaged item. Please send an email to our customer services team at hellodoglovers@superdoglovers.com. And we will take care of it for you.

3) We have a detailed refund policy. But you can count on us to use common sense in all cases. 


Please contact us at hellodoglovers@superdoglovers.com if you have other questions and we will add your question here.

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